Subject: 2 Hour Introduction to SQL Tuning, free
Date: 13/10/2016 14:59

SQL Tuning for Beginners

This is a Great way for APEX developers and others new to SQL Tuning to get started! (Free always helps)

Lesson 1: Basics
  • The SQL execution cycle
  • Cost based optimization
  • Detecting badly performing SQLs
Lesson 2: Capture and Read Plans

Two Offerings to Choose From!

October 17, 12 PM - 2 PM EDT

October 18, 12 PM - 2 PM EDT

Hurry! Class size is limited to 15 students.

Writing SQL that performs well means understanding what Oracle is doing to the SQL: how it is executing the code, and why it is executing it that way. Then make changes needed to let Oracle run the code in a more efficient manner. This course will show you how to capture and read the execution plans, and how to detect and fix the common problems that prevent code from running well.

When you attend the entire class, in just one day, we will empower you! Your SQL will never be the same again.

We'd like to introduce you to this class, lessons 1 and 2, taught (with demonstrations) by Oracle Certified Master John Watson and Expert Dave Anderson, completely free!

Oracle Certified Master John Watson
Oracle Expert Dave Anderson

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