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Dear friend,

Is there any way to add subset of a table with BLOB column to streams with add_subset_propagation_rules ?

I configure streams replication. I have a table(Test) that contain 2 BLOB data type column.Can I use
procedure to subset data replication this table(Test) ?

Suppose Table(test) structure:
(id number,
name varchar2(100),
Picure blob,
signature blob,
is_replicate varchar2(3)

conn strmadmin/strmadmin@ps

dbms_streams_adm.add_subset_propagation_rules (
table_name => 'scott.test',
dml_condition => 'is_replicate=''yes''',
streams_name => 'propa_ps_ds',
source_queue_name => 'capture_ps',
destination_queue_name => 'apply_ds@ds',
source_database => 'ps',
include_tagged_lcr =>false);

But I got error

can anybody help what is the way to replicate data for BLOB contain table?

Best Regards
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