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help me with very basics-urgent [message #100017] Tue, 18 June 2002 22:07 Go to next message
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I want to configure net8 configuration assistant for a standalone computer of mine.
But I couldn't understand these terms;

1)tns service name?
2)global database name?
3)name of host?is it ip address: or computername or both or which?
4)net service name?
I could connect to internet using my computer-but no dns is required,uses tcp/ip
5)what is relation with listener name "LISTENER" and tns service name.Listener
name can be anything I like?
Re: help me with very basics-urgent [message #100019 is a reply to message #100017] Wed, 19 June 2002 06:44 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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Net8 configuration is needed when you connect oracle client to an oracle server.If there is no client/server then no need to configure Listener.

LISTENER is configured when you connect client machine to the server.You can give any name as SERVICE NAME.

GLOBAL DB is database name which you provide while installing oracle on stand alone machine or Oracle server.

HOST NAME is the name of the oracle server,if you using TCP/IP protocol to connect with the server then you have to provide IP address of the oracle server.

Hope this will help you to understand.
Re: help me with very basics-urgent [message #100024 is a reply to message #100019] Sat, 22 June 2002 03:31 Go to previous message
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It is not clear to me whether you using single PC or oracle client/server.If you using standalone oracle machine then there is no use of configuring Net8.I am assuming you are using oracle client/server.Follow these steps:

1. Start Net8 Easy Configuration.
2. Give a service name anything(for exp. jyothi ).
3. Select TCP/IP protocol to connect with database.
4. Give Host name(IP address of oracle server machine)and port number it will show 1521, let it be as it is.
5. Now provide your oracle 8i global database name.***
6. Click next and don't test the connection.

Now you start the SQL and type your, username, password and in hoststring type 'jyothi' .
Hopefully it will connect.

*** When you install oracle it will always ask you to provide a global database name.Most probably you have forgot.If someone else has intalled oracle you can ask him what name he has given.

LISTENER is used to respond to connect request.If the above steps did not work.No need to configure Listener at this point of time.
If you have problem again then give more details of your O/S,oracle version etc etc.

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